Music and Mediation in Focus - Hans Schröck

16.10.2024 kl. 18.00 – 20.00

In times of cuts in cultural fundings and decreasing visibility of classical music in our society we need new concepts for classical concerts. We need new designs of events that catch new audiences with their honest interest for us and what we do.

Big institutions like orchestras retake long ago mediative performances for children.

As important as it is to educate the youngest to find their very own motivation in culture, however, there appear seemingly none of such concepts for the rest of the society.

Classical Music and Concerts often appear elitist, expensive and too hard to approach.
Often musicians try to reach people by entertaining them with arrangements in crossover arrangements to bring classical
art pieces into more familiar genres or also simply playing as musicians say "easy classical" music.

I believe these are important tools and also fun and fresh wind for musicians, yet not fully what I want to fight and catch people for. My Goal is to catch the public with the "real-deal", the conventional classical concert, but guide them to follow it with different eyes and ears.

I want to open up the stage-audience blockade and invite you to my side of the progress and work behind the pieces and on stage!

TryckeriTeatern October 16th at 6 pm

Tickets 30 €
Student, Unemployed 20 €

Length 120 min. One intermission 20 min.

Dalgatan 4 | Laaksokatu 4
10300 Karis